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patch Patch:

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  •     All Magic Forces of removed from monster drop list. (sell or drop your existing one. they are useless now)
  •     Priestess: Virtual Life can cast to players correct now
  •     Priestess: If you cast Virtual Life existing buffs of same kind will be updated now
  •     Fighter: Skill Bloody Berserker show the correct animation and Skill Effect
  •     Fighter: Skill Cyclone Strike Removed delay
  •     Rate of Jera drops is increase to all monster above level 80
  •     Chocolate Item of Candy event should work correct now
  •     All Crystals are fixed.
  •     Boss Summon Scrools should summon a fightable boss correct now.
  •     Game should not disconnect players if the get to much exp
  •     Level 100+ Monsters drop rates changed to get more items

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Nice =) can't wait to continue playing =)

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1. I would like to see the server time on this web

2. I thing it need any more goods in the premium shop

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