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  1. patch Patch:

    Near player client should not crash anymore, when Archer T5 Skill is used. Aging Money will reduce correct now Inventory Money will display correct now Bellum Force will display, save and add apply correct now
  2. patch Server-Patch: 13-08-12018

    Monsters are not friendly in high level maps anmore Mirotic Crystal will work now Server should not crash anymore
  3. patch Patch:

    Global Monster Damage and Absorb is decresed by 15% to make high maps easy and beginner fast up Global Chat should work correct now. (30 seconds delay between messages) Drop rates level 80 -> 110 increased. Warpgates from Desert 3 to SecretLab and back are fixed. Bellum Force Orb fixed. Sheltoms up to Murky will sale in Store in the capital citys now Aging money cost is dercreased to half of origin value. Helper Pria (Ricarten) will add a beginner buff for all players up to level 30 Helper Tairee (Philia) will add a beginner buff for all players up to level 60 Helper Stonia (Navisko) will add a beginner buff for all players up to level 90 Change the calculation of Weight for improve the max weight of magic classes Priestess Skill: Glacial Spike fixed. Damage should be apply Priestess Skill: Summon Muspel. The Muspel Damage will apply correct now Mini Boss Crystal will no longer drop by Monsters
  4. patch Patch:

    All Magic Forces of removed from monster drop list. (sell or drop your existing one. they are useless now) Priestess: Virtual Life can cast to players correct now Priestess: If you cast Virtual Life existing buffs of same kind will be updated now Fighter: Skill Bloody Berserker show the correct animation and Skill Effect Fighter: Skill Cyclone Strike Removed delay Rate of Jera drops is increase to all monster above level 80 Chocolate Item of Candy event should work correct now All Crystals are fixed. Boss Summon Scrools should summon a fightable boss correct now. Game should not disconnect players if the get to much exp Level 100+ Monsters drop rates changed to get more items
  5. patch Patch:

    Add Fightlog message for damage taken Magician: Flame Wave Skill add the correct damage value now Magician: Metorite Skill add the correct damage value now Magician: Silraphim Skill will not type Fire Damage anymore. Martial Artis: Defense Mastery should add the correct Defense value now Martial Artis: RageUp AttackSpeed increased. Martial Artis: InstantBulkUp Health increased. Martial Artist: Line Breaking will attack monsters correct now even if there are more then max hit num around Martial Artist: Hard Training should work correct now even for party member
  6. patch Patch:

    Magic-Forces-Orb are not longer available ingame. Normal-Force-Orbs work like Magic Force now. Event Girl fixed. Fighter: Concentration Add the correct Value of Attack Rating now Fighter SwiftAxe add the correct value of Attack Speed now Fighter BoostHealth add the correct value of HealthPoints now Archer: Evasion Master add the correct value of Evasion Percent now Archer: Phoenix shoot add the correct Damage rate now MartialArtist: RageUp add the correct value of Attack Speed now MartialArtist: Insteant Bulkup add slighty more HealhPoints now Knight: Holy Value add the correct Attack rate now Knight: Drastic Spirit add the correct Absorb rate now Knight: God Bless add the correct Damage Power now Knight: Devine Pircing add the correct Damage Boost now Atalanta: Hall of Valhalla add the correct evasion value now Atalanta: Vengeance add the correct value of Attack Power now Priestess: Holy minde decrease the correct damage of enemy now Priestess: Vigor Ball add the correct damage value now Priestess: Chain Lightning add the correct damage value now Priestess: Summon Muspel add the correct damage value now Magician: Silraphim Skill should add the correct Area Effect Skill now Magician: Silraphim Skill should add the Weapon Damage Modifier correct now Magician: DeathRay damage values fixed
  7. patch Patch:

    Fix Warehouse Image Fix bug where display other players very big or small There should be no random crashes ingame anymore Dark and Withe Chocolate of Valentine Day Event should work correct now Assassin: Skill was using incorrect Evade-Calculation. Its fixed now Assassin: Skill Alas and Attack Mastery get the original Evade Values again. revert the nerf. Magician: Skill VisTenus cannot cast against Players anymore Magician: Skill Spirit Elemental will apply damage boost to T5 skills correct now Magician: Skill Spirit Elemental will not provide the old Mana Regen effect anymore Magician: Skill Damage Boost of Third Anima will correct apply to all Attack Skills now The Damage of all Monster will global reduce to 80 Percent of the current Value. The Absorb of all Monster will global reduce to 80 Percent of the current Value.
  8. patch Patch:

    Divine Lighting should the all the damage now. Add Celesto Mixes to Mixlist If players use the bug for wearing Two hand weapon and shield stats if them will not apply. Shaman: Curse Lazy fixed. Level 100 Quest Items fixed Sod is Fixed (Bosses and Gold) Clan Names should be display now Shaman can reset Stats Points in event girl Candies fixed Some Game crashes fixed
  9. patch Patch

    Assassin: Strength Master decrase evasion for some percent (Balacing) Assassin: Alas decrase evasion for some percent (Balacing) Players cannot move in areas if they dont match the requried level
  10. patch Patch

    Other Player Armors/Costumes will show the correct skin now Mechanican will not spam Effect when running Beta Reward-Robe will not disconnect players anymore Recalculation of Hit Points for all classes. Trade Chat is replaced by Global chat with delay of 30 seconds Shaman Skill Advent Migal add Attack Power instead Attack rate now Shaman Skill Advent Midranda should add Attack Speed correct now FullScreen Mode can activate now by setting WinMode=false in config.ini (Setting Window will be implement in one of the next patch) NPC selling premium iten near the warehouse in ricartem. (We might change the hair styles being sold) Potions increase to maximum x3 per drop. Event Molly Wolf is now active droping special itens. PORTUGUESE-BR Amaduras/Trajes de outros jogadores vão ser mostrados corretamente agora. Mecânico não vai mais spammar efeitos ao correr. Roupão de recompensa do beta não vai mais desconectar jogadores. Alterada a formula de HP de todos as classes. Trade chat agora é global com delay de 30 segundos. SKill "Advent Migal" agora adiciona "Attack Power" ao inves de "Attack Rate". Skill "Advent Midranda" adiciona "Attack Speed" corretamente agora. Modo tela cheia pode ser ativado setando WinMode=false no config.ini (Janela de settings será implementada nos patchs futuros) NPC vendendo item premium basico em ricartem perto do bau. (Provavelmente vamos alterar as poções de cabelo vendidas la atualmente.) Poções agora podem dropar em conjuntos de no máximo 3. Evento "Molly Wolf" está ativo dropando itens especiais.
  11. patch Patch

    Patch Release "the last tale" Mixing should work correct again Graphic should be more smooth now Account names are unique now even if the case sensitive does not match Character names have minimum length of 5 characters now Loading into game should be more fast now Display of buff duration is more informative
  12. patch Patch

    Mystic Crystal should spawn random monster correct. Aged Daggers will increase Critical Rate now. Daggers will increase Crit inseatd AttackRate when aging Archer Skill ThunderRoop increased MotionSpeed a bit Fix Belatra NPC in Navisko. Players can access to Belatra now Monster should play their Animation correct now Skills should not increase the Delay if you put Skillpoints Fix item level of Level 114/116/120 Martial Braces Level 116/120 Armors/Robes will display correct now "Office Snake Brace" renamed to "Chaotic Snake Brace" Martial Artis just can use Snake Brace Weapon now Assassin just can use Daggers Weapon now Shaman just can use Phantom Weapon now
  13. patch Patch

    Monsters should not spam Special Attacks anymore. The Client should not crash random, if ClanSkill is casted by Server
  14. patch Patch

    Pikeman: DancingReaper will add the correct DamageBoost now. Archer: CircleTrap will add the correct DamageBoost now. Martial Artist: Fixed a bug what increase defense and absorb to high. This fix disconnects to. Minimap World view will not drawn wrong anymore (mouse bug still exists) Assassin Skill: Shadow Bomb will ad Bonus Damage correct now. Priestess Skill: Virtual Life works correct on targeted players. Priestess Skill: SpiritImpact damage fix if more then 5 targets are attacked. Archer Skill: Scout Hawk increase attack rate now and runtime fixed. Martial Artist: Potion use Animation is speeded up Gold Crystal will not drop in Oasis anymore Mechanican Skill: Power Enhancement will not crash the Party Member anymore Phantoms, Daggers Braces can now Mixing like old Items. I list with mixing recipes is in work. Acasia Forst is not an PvP Field anymore Summoned Monsters will follow thier Summoner now
  15. patch Patch

    Patch will comes out with following changes: Archer: evadeShot and ThunderRoop should use correct Distance now (Increase STH by Skill Level) Tier 5 RankUp Quest will teleports out of area if defeat hestian. Tier 5 RankUp Quest will cleanup correct, if you finish it. Fury quest will spawn Fury instead hestian. Assassine Dagger will increase critical by 0.5% per Aging Level. Attack rate increase is removed. Archer Force of nature will add more attack attacking rate. IceMine is now reachable from Ice 1 Map (Gate Fix) AncientWeapon is now reachable from SecretLab Map (Gate Fix) Cursed Temple Floor 3 is now reachable from Cursed Temple Floor 2 (Gate Fix) Tier 5 Skills for Magican implemented Tier 5 Skills for Priestess implemented Tempskron they finishing the first rank up quest, will not able to get morion rank up quest too. Martial Artist: Skill StrengthMastery will show the damage increae correct now. Martial Artist: Skill Line Breaking works as area effect skill now. Martial Artist: Rush Elbow increased attack area Assassin: Shadow Bomb should work correct now. Assassin: Alas will not run out of time and use the correct duration now. Mechanican: Skill Power Enchance will increase the Damage correct now even for Party member. LogFiles will now clean up at every game start
  16. patch Patch

    Hello everybody. Unfortunately i was not able to implement T5 for all classes yet. Magican and Priestess doesnt finish yet, but i will release the patch without them. But classes get thier T5 in next patch. Please do not create bug report "missing T5 for Mage/Priest" Thanks. Changes in Mechanican Skill will call a Metal Golem insteat Wolverin. Attack Value Error should be fixed now. Ancient Dungeon Floor 1 can be reach by Ruin Map correct now. Shaman Skills Party Skills: Advent Midranda/Advent Migal should work correct now Shaman Attack Skills use weapon damage multiplicator correct now Magican Attack Skills use weapon damage multiplicator correct now Priestess Attack Skills use weapon damage multiplicator correct now Super Gravity Stone should work correct now. Add System Messages if DirectX cannot be initialized EnvironmentSounds and SkillSounds for skills should be play correct now Fighter Skills will play correct animations now Martial Artist Skill: Patriot will add demon damage correct now Martial Artist Skill: Rush Elbow apply the area Damage correct now Martial Artist Skill: Instant BulkUp add Life correct now Martial Artist Skill: Steelers add defense correct now Martial Artist Skill: Defense Mastery add defense correct now Fighter T5 Skills released Mechanican T5 Skills released Pikeman T5 Skills released Archer T5 Skills released Knight T5 Skills released Assassin T5 Skills released Atalanta T5 Skills released Shaman T5 Skills released Martial Artist T5 Skills released Maxium Level increased up to 129 New created armors will not get additional Absorb Rate. Fix and add new Maps to Premium Teleportcore Thanks for testing TLT
  17. patch Patch

    Patch will fix the EXP Problem on High Level maps and disconnect problem. i hope :) Item level will not not increase for every item. (We are figuring out, how this will be handle in release) Item Sol reconstruct item up to level 120 now Monsters in Level 95 Maps and above will not add negative Exp value.
  18. patch Patch

    Hello, the next patch will avibale today. These are the changes. Register Button of LoginScreen redirect to www.thelasttale.net Monster Zombi will spawn in the correct fields now. All items will increase the required item level at each two aging levels. Item aging success rate increased a bit. Archer Wrong Job Titel fixed Archer can use all Skills now, even is Force of Nature is buffed Atalanta can use all Skills now, even is Hall of Valhalla is buffed Skills they require a wearing shield (Extreme Shield, Shield Strike etc) should work correct now. Clan Member invite should be work correct now. Fields will not drawn in Blackscreen anymore Archer arrows align to thier flying direction now Players should not be disconnected without a reason anymore Monsters in Land of Chaos and above should not give negative Exp Value anymore Skill DeathRay/Fireball/Diastrophin will not disconnect players anymore All Time skills should run the corerct duration if they are level 10 now Skill Advent Migal has correct Tooltip of increase Attack Rate insteat Attack Power
  19. patch Patch

    Hello. Another patch will released today. Following bugs are fixed. Martial Artist specialization is available when reconstruct items and item drops Skill Master and Magix Master will call thier Monsters if you fight them while doing RankUp quests Martial Artis quest weapon for RankUp Tier 3 will now recvive correctly All kind of chat messages will be displayed in "all" Tab now If Monster Hungky gets angry a Typhoon will crush you. Trade Buttons works correct now. Personal Shop Item can be buy correct now. Personal Shop Sale Message will drawn correct now. Tier 5 Quest is even implemented but not released yet. I want to check the T5 skills first. The next patch will provide T5 quest and Skills
  20. patch Patch

    Another patch will be released today. It should fix the most critical bugs and supports players while testing. Thanks for helping us to make a creat game. Add crash analysis to client. Each the the client crashs it will crate a memory snapshot, that can be analyse by Development New created character should not be disconnect while login Player will not be disconnected/client crash in Citys There should be no invisible Players anymore The save character should work correct now. Add a new feature, where GM can login to Player characters for help with bug quest etc, during the beta
  21. patch Patch

    Patch will deliver today. I try to fix the most critical errors for now. Thanks for testing the beta. Fix Login-Error messages. like Wrong userid, wrong password, account not verified Field Ancient Refuge reachable from Garden of Freedom Leaving Dungeon 1 will lead you the Cursed Land correctly now New created characters will not display broken skills, if they try up increase skill level New created characters be be saved correctly now RankUp quest will be acceptable correctly if requirements met Mix-Master and Force-Master will shown correct profession interface now
  22. patch Patch

    Hello everybody. Another patch is out. Check the list bellow for changes Fix Launcher crash if Launcher is restartet and update multiple versions. free costumes are removed from ingame shop More armor models added Game should not disconnect when wearing some costumes Text position in Respawn dialog is fixed SOD-Seals works correct now
  23. patch Patch

    Hello everybody. Another patch is out. Check the list bellow for changes Different Weapons can used be new classes now Characters can be deleted now. Skill-Learning can be cancel now RankUp Quest available now. NPC in Navisko City should not despawn at daytime anymore Launcher of all previous Patches are replaced by latest Launcher Version. Mystic Crystals should spawn correct monsters insteat dropping self by right click Matrial Artist Drops should droped by Monsters correctly Philai Skill Master renamed
  24. patch Patch

    Game will not crash anymore if Log-Folder isn't exists Classes cannot use Weapons anymore, if they not have required start for it. Chat is moved more up for fits into game UI Panthera Snake Brace will not show broken age effects when aged above level 9 Martial Artist Weapons are aviable in Weaponshops Philia NPC will not stuck in the ground anymore Game Patcher get anew design Game Patcher will delete Updatefiles after apply them Game Patcher will patch multiple versions in a row if they are outdate
  25. patch Patch

    Hot Patch. Weapons cannot be used in inventory for some classes