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  2. patch Patch:

    patch taj o cho nao the mn
  3. notice About the current Support & Develop State

    They already reset it after beta..
  4. Can I suggest something? Why dont you try to reset the server and restart it with a good stuff and with all theses new features that u bring to? Dont forget to do a divulgation's event
  5. Hello everybody, may you notice that for the moment we dont can support TLT ingame permanently. The reason for that is, the leave of a member of the staff for personal reason. This means, im the last developer left on this project and i cannot do all the work beside my full time job. For the future, we will not able to provide full support ingame and maybe there are some weeks between patches. The server will be still online and the game code will still improved but all will be a bit slowly than yet. If you cannot deal with that feel sorry about, but this is the situation for now.
  6. patch Patch:

    the force damage will directly apply on serverside as damage. so.. just your attack rate/power should increase
  7. patch Patch:

    Hi Gm, could you check if the forces are having an impact on mages and prs skills (strength)? I dont see anything changing on mine prs. Thanks =)
  8. patch Patch:

    Near player client should not crash anymore, when Archer T5 Skill is used. Aging Money will reduce correct now Inventory Money will display correct now Bellum Force will display, save and add apply correct now
  9. patch Server-Patch: 13-08-12018

  10. patch Patch:

  11. patch Server-Patch: 13-08-12018

    Monsters are not friendly in high level maps anmore Mirotic Crystal will work now Server should not crash anymore
  12. patch Patch:

    Can you please fix the login, it gives "Unable to connect"
  13. patch Patch:

    Now see if the ax velox is weakened, because it is not giving speed in the FS and it debugs to be able to use speed ax and concentration
  14. patch Patch:

    give us low lvl mana hunting ground
  15. patch Patch:

    it looks like same for monsters' damages
  16. patch Patch:

    bout 1 hour
  17. patch Patch:

    how long time?
  18. patch Patch:

    Global Monster Damage and Absorb is decresed by 15% to make high maps easy and beginner fast up Global Chat should work correct now. (30 seconds delay between messages) Drop rates level 80 -> 110 increased. Warpgates from Desert 3 to SecretLab and back are fixed. Bellum Force Orb fixed. Sheltoms up to Murky will sale in Store in the capital citys now Aging money cost is dercreased to half of origin value. Helper Pria (Ricarten) will add a beginner buff for all players up to level 30 Helper Tairee (Philia) will add a beginner buff for all players up to level 60 Helper Stonia (Navisko) will add a beginner buff for all players up to level 90 Change the calculation of Weight for improve the max weight of magic classes Priestess Skill: Glacial Spike fixed. Damage should be apply Priestess Skill: Summon Muspel. The Muspel Damage will apply correct now Mini Boss Crystal will no longer drop by Monsters
  19. event Event: Insane Run!!

    GZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ for me Nick: Magician First 11x
  20. patch Patch:

    1. I would like to see the server time on this web 2. I thing it need any more goods in the premium shop
  21. patch Patch:

    Nice =) can't wait to continue playing =)
  22. patch Patch:

    All Magic Forces of removed from monster drop list. (sell or drop your existing one. they are useless now) Priestess: Virtual Life can cast to players correct now Priestess: If you cast Virtual Life existing buffs of same kind will be updated now Fighter: Skill Bloody Berserker show the correct animation and Skill Effect Fighter: Skill Cyclone Strike Removed delay Rate of Jera drops is increase to all monster above level 80 Chocolate Item of Candy event should work correct now All Crystals are fixed. Boss Summon Scrools should summon a fightable boss correct now. Game should not disconnect players if the get to much exp Level 100+ Monsters drop rates changed to get more items
  23. patch Patch:

    Add Fightlog message for damage taken Magician: Flame Wave Skill add the correct damage value now Magician: Metorite Skill add the correct damage value now Magician: Silraphim Skill will not type Fire Damage anymore. Martial Artis: Defense Mastery should add the correct Defense value now Martial Artis: RageUp AttackSpeed increased. Martial Artis: InstantBulkUp Health increased. Martial Artist: Line Breaking will attack monsters correct now even if there are more then max hit num around Martial Artist: Hard Training should work correct now even for party member
  24. patch Patch:

    i will check silraphim again.
  25. patch Patch:

    Magician: Silraphim Skill should add the correct Area Effect Skill now - OK Magician: Silraphim Skill should add the Weapon Damage Modifier correct now The silpharin skill bugged even more, the damage decreases by 3x and some mobs are not receiving damage from it EX: SADNESS on iron2, Iron Guard on iron1. The damage in area picks up on the higher level maps but this new formula has destroyed the skill damage. Magician: DeathRay damage values fixed - OK
  26. patch Patch:

    Edit Patch infos
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